2020 V-Days Most Popular Gifts on Slightly Rude

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2020 V-Days Most Popular Gifts on Slightly Rude

Most popular partner gifts for Valentine's Day 2020 on Slightly Rude.

2020 Valentine's Day our Slightly Rude

Personalized Naughty Candles took the cake with most popular gift.

And we get it. How much fun is it to have a naughty foreplay candle to get your message across and make your lover smile?! 

Here are a few of the favorite candles!


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Not far behind the candles in popularity was our

Super Sexy Naughty Secret Message Pillows

At first glance you may think this is just some ordinary sequin throw pillow. But oh no no, that won't do. 

Rub your hands over the sparkling sequin and flip them over to reveal a fun sexy message signed with "your name." 



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Also high on our list of awesome gifts for lovers would be our

Naughty Camp Mugs

These stainless steel mugs have sexy messages that you get to personalize with your name. 


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