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Hey There! We are so glad you clicked over to learn more. We are a small family run business. 

Slightly Rude specializes in slightly naughty gifts for lovers that are sure to make your partner smile.

Behind the Slightly Rude curtains, you have two artistically talented sisters with creatively naughty minds. 

Once upon a time in a small mountain town, the concept of the Slightly Rude brand began over Margaritas as a bit of a joke. One sister would jokingly tell friends she was going to create a brand that would feature naughty sexual humor on ladies underwear. It would only be “Slightly Rude,” she’d say, “not fully rude.”  

One day she was making her usual slightly rude jokes over a few margaritas with her sister and some friends and the ideas just kept coming. We couldn’t stop laughing. That’s when they decided...

“Let’s do it! Why Not?”

The next day the fantasy began to take form and the Slightly Rude naughty after hours gifts and apparel for lovers began to take shape. Instead of panties, we started with candles!

We like to keep it real, keep it silly and keep it kinda classy... well mostly. ;)  
All our designs are created in-house by the two of us. Our candles are lovingly hand crafted in the USA then, labeled and packaged by yours truly and shipped from our head quarters in California. 

We take pride in our product. It is important that our products don’t just make you and your partner laugh, they are high quality.  If you are unhappy in any way, we want to know. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are always working to make Slightly Rude the best it can be. 

If you love our product. We would also like to know! We'd love to hear your feedback  contact us here.

Each item is printed to order. So please allow us a few weeks to deliver your specially printed goodie.